Guitarra eletroacústica VINTAGE VE100MH Travel Guitar c/saco Satin Mahogany

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Offered with a gorgeous clear satin finish highlighting the natural open-grain and deep, reddish brown all-mahogany build, the Vintage Mahogany Series electro-acoustic Travel guitar, is stylish to say the least.

Renowned for its stability, sound velocity and immense tone, mahogany has always been one of the most popular tonewoods for backs, sides, necks and, with an added high-grade mahogany soundboard offset with an intricate abalone rosette, the popular Vintage Mahogany Series electro-acoustic Travel guitar, delivers a very impressive balanced output.

The natural mahogany tonewood characteristics add depth and warmth to this beautiful ‘take me anywhere’ model, chords are rich, full and woody, with excellent sustain.

Joining the body at the 14fret, the ‘C’ profile mahogany neck, and the wonderful fingerboard offer superb playability, whilst smooth-geared die-cast gold plated machine heads in classic 3-aside format on the square tapered headstock with gold Vintage and M Series logo, ensure stable tuning.

Played acoustically, this beautiful travel guitar has all the sonic merits that add up to outstanding electro-acoustic guitars, including touch-sensitive harmonics and dynamics, with impressive volume and projection. Strummed or fingerpicked, the separation and balance across the strings, is unprecedented within this price range.

With individual Volume, Bass, Middle and Treble EQ controls, the Vintage preamp captures and delivers all frequencies uncoloured, to external sources such as mixing desks, amps, monitors or PA systems. There’s also a very handy built-in tuner and battery check indicator.

Fitted with high quality USA made strings as standard, the Vintage Mahogany Series Travel guitar performs and sounds as good as it looks, whether you have the urge to roam around the world, or record and perform live with a seriously cool electro acoustic instrument.

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Ficha técnica:

Tampo: Mogno.
Costas e Laterais: Mogno.
Braço: Mogno, Perfil C
Comprimento da escala: 574 mm / 22,6”.
Trastes: 19
Inlays escala: Ponto Branco
Roseta: ABS/abalone.
Electrónica Vintage: Volume, afinador, graves, médios, agudos EQ, verificação de fase e bateria.
Carrilhões: Dourados Die-Cast

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